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The Races

Crown Inn Short Course


Swim Leg: 500 m (1 lap)

  • Participants must assemble near the starting mat located 400m south of Thredgold’s Ramp.
  • Swim 50m out to sea to the first large buoy;
  • Turn RIGHT at this buoy and swim parallel to the shore, northbound towards the jetty, for 400m;
  • Turn RIGHT at the buoy, and swim 50m towards the beach;
  • On reaching the shore, exit the water and run/make your way to the Transition Area via the chute, ensuring that you go over the timing mat.

Cycle Leg: 13.3 km (1 lap)

  • Firmly fix your helmet before removing your bicycle from the rack;
  • Do not mount your bike in transition area;
  • Walk/run your bike to the mounting area but do not mount until you have reached the line;
  • On entering the cycle course, stay in the right hand lane (marked by cones) for at least the length of the cones to ensure that no rider is approaching from behind - only when it is safe, cross to the left hand lane;
  • Ride south along Marine Parade to Pinks Beach Road - DO NOT TURN LEFT ONTO GOLF LINKS ROAD WITH THE COME 'N' TRI PARTICIPANTS;
  • Turn LEFT onto Pinks Beach Road where marshals will direct you around the corner;
  • Ride east on Pinks Beach Road to the Southern Ports Highway;
  • Turn LEFT onto the Southern Ports Highway – the northbound lane of the Southern Ports Highway (the lane in the direction you are travelling) will be closed to vehicular traffic – STAY IN THAT LANE!
  • Ride northbound towards Kingston;
  • Turn LEFT - towards the sea – onto Young Street which then becomes Arthur Street;
  • Turn LEFT onto Marine Parade;
  • As you approach the main site, you must move to the right hand lane where directed - this lane will be marked by cones down the centre of the road – to prepare to enter the Transition Area;
  • You will be instructed to dismount before the line at the beginning of the grass area;
  • Do not remove your helmet until you have placed your bicycle on the rack;
  • Walk/run your bike to the rack;
  • Marshals will be at each major intersection to assist, but it is YOUR responsibility to know the circuit - maps of the course are posted at the administration marquee on race day.

Run Leg: 3.6 km (1 Lap)

  • The Run Exit from the Transition Area, is at the northern end, by Thredgold’s Ramp.
  • Move into and stay in RIGHT lane as it follows alongside Marine Parade;
  • Run northbound on footpath/sealed track towards the jetty;
  • Keep to the RIGHT hand side, as runners will be coming back along the track towards you; you may run on the grassy area immediately adjacent to the track if you wish;
  • There is a water station at ‘Lacepede Seafood’;
  • Marshals will guide you across roadway, where you follow the line of cones which direct you onto the footpath/bike track once again;
  • The turnaround point is 200m along the track;
  • Run back towards Thredgold’s Ramp, keeping on RIGHT hand side of track all the way.
  • To complete your run, you must veer RIGHT onto the grass into the finish chute, just before the BBQ shelter. It is clearly marked and marshaled. (You will have run past this point before).
  • Run to the finish line under the arch.


The following maps are available for perusing or right-click to download:


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